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Michael E. Miller, Sr., is the Founder and President of Make The World A Better Place®, a firm that specializes in creating reality to your purpose. Dr. Miller, through his foundation Then What 4 U, Inc. has been committed to developing young minds since 1992.

A native of Reynolds, Georgia, he enlisted into the United States Air Force and retired after 20 years of exemplary service. It was in the Air Force where he was able to further develop his instinctive leadership ability.

While serving his country, he also served as a security forces specialist and as administrative support to senior leaders on diverse personnel, leadership, and management issues.

After retirement, Tampa, Florida became his home of residence. He was employed at Price Waterhouse Coopers as an Information Systems Analyst. Furthering his achievements, Dr. Miller launched out on his own to fulfill his entrepreneur dreams.

Throughout his military career he realized his innate ability to motivate his colleagues to plan a path into their own dreams in life.

As a motivational speaker, Michael inspires his audience to go beyond self-imposed barriers and discover their unique gifts and talents. His practical and engaging seminars inspire positive behavioral changes and leave attendees empowered.

Recognizing the gifts that he possessed, he went on to become the CEO of Then What 4 U, Inc., a company that develops unique teaching products aimed at tapping into people’s self-worth.



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